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You need to have confidence in your legal team. To learn more about our practice and our commitment to providing honest, knowledgeable and compassionate help to families in need of legal guidance, here are some reviews from lawyerratingz.com, some clients of Shank law.



  • "Roxanne's work is accurate & very thorough. Roxanne is passionate about the work she does & about keeping parents and children together."
  • "Roxanne understands what it is like to be a parent having had two children of her own. Roxanne is compassionate, kind and gracious with her clients. Roxanne is the kind of lawyer you need when acting in the best interests of your children. Roxanne will get the job done. She is determined and committed to doing a thorough job to ensure that the best interests of the children are brought to light and represented clearly and in a fair manner. Roxanne has been practicing Family Law since 2004. Roxanne has many local resources to support families, specifically women and children. Roxanne is aware of the complex needs of families going through highly contentious litigation. Roxanne is persistent, caring and committed. She will push on through any obstacles presented to her to get the job done!"
  • "Roxanne and her team...went over and beyond."
  • "She is a wonderfully caring woman that made sure I received the best settlement possible."
  • "I used her on a legal aid certificate...I would recommend Roxanne in a heartbeat, especially in a case involving children."
  • "Gets the job done."


  • ‘’After my first seating with him, I knew he was genuinely cared about my case and was willing to have in any way possible. Mr Khan was prompted to answer any of my questions I concerned. He attended every meeting on time and ready. His work is magic!’’
  • ‘’Omar Khan provided myself and my 2 year old son great compassion and dedication in time restraining and frustrating situation. The final result was extremely satisfying. I could not have been paired with a more exceptional lawyer to represent me and my son.’’
  • ‘’I am very impressed with all the hard work and dedication Mr Khan has put toward my custody battle. I believe that it can be very hard these days to find a lawyer who cares as much as he does. He stands behind his clients and always believes in doing the right thing’’’


  • ‘’She was awesome and seems to work with her heart. That is good when you are worried about the children involved in the cases.’’
  • ‘’Ms. Mc Knight was incredible. From the minute she took my case to the minute it was over, she never faltered for a second. To have this brilliant woman fighting in my corner was an honor, we were 100% successful and I will never in my life forget my time spent with her."
  • ‘’I was a little scared and confused at my 1st appearance before a judge and family court. Heather took a lot of time with me going over our case and helping me focus and the most important point and building a strong case to work achieve our goal. I can’t thank her enough."
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