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Testimonials for Shank Law Office

You need to have confidence in your legal team. You can see more reviews from Shank Law Office clients to learn more about our practice and our commitment to providing honest, knowledgeable and compassionate help to families in need of legal guidance.

"Roxanne's work is accurate & very thorough. Roxanne is passionate about the work she does & about keeping parents and children together.

Roxanne understands what it is like to be a parent having had two children of her own. Roxanne is compassionate, kind and gracious with her clients. Roxanne is the kind of lawyer you need when acting in the best interests of your children. Roxanne will get the job done. She is determined and committed to doing a thorough job to ensure that the best interests of the children are brought to light and represented clearly and in a fair manner. Roxanne has been practicing Family Law since 2004. Roxanne has many local resources to support families, specifically women and children. Roxanne is aware of the complex needs of families going through highly contentious litigation. Roxanne is persistent, caring and committed. She will push on through any obstacles presented to her to get the job done! "Roxanne and her team...went over and beyond."

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"She is a wonderfully caring woman that made sure I received the best settlement possible."

"I used her on a legal aid certificate...I would recommend Roxanne in a heartbeat, especially in a case involving children."

"Gets the job done."

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