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Do you need legal advice? Many people are often facing the same issues as you so we have compiled an archive of articles that answer some of the most common legal questions we receive. Browse our list of articles on this page to find the help you need. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our legal team and set up a consultation. 

Pre-Nuptial & Separation Agreements

Ensure you have the information you need when making decisions about your pre-nuptial or separation agreement. Take a look at our articles and get advice on this legal process.

My spouse and I are separating. How do I talk to my daughter about the divorce?

Is it a bad idea to do our own separation agreement to save money?

What is a ‘pre-nup’ and do I need one?

The benefits of a cohabitation agreement

How do I handle holidays after a separation?

Do I have to pay spousal support when I have been in a common law relationship?

I pay the bills, but my wife won’t leave the house. What do I do?

Separated parents seek advice on paying for daycare

You’re separated, but your children are travelling with grandparents – what to do

It is the holidays and I feel that my relationship is over. Can anyone help me?

Is common law really the same as marriage

I am going through a separation. What is the best way to settle this?

My husband is leaving and I am a stay-at-home-mom. What do I do?

My husband has told me that I have to get out of our home

Received threats from an ex? Ready what you can do

My ex is really nasty when he call me. I have asked him to stop, but he persists. What can I do?


Going through a divorce is a difficult situation. You want to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions during this process. Read our articles to get advice on the divorce process.

How can I help out my child and their spouse to purchase a home, but keep my contribution safe if they breakup?

Is it fair for my wife to keep the house and an income property after our split?

I owned our house before my wife and I split up. Now whose house is it?

My wife retired early and now makes less than I do. Do I have to pay spousal support?

What do I do when I am afraid to leave because of the children?

My husband and I completed our separation agreement. How do we get a divorce?

Grey Divorce – The rise of seniors splitting

Dealing with the emotional hardships of divorce

How do we figure out support and split our property?

When and if you are entitled to half of your ex’s inheritance

Child Support

Child support is an important part of any separation or divorce agreement. If you have questions about this process, read our articles to get more information.

Does my ex have to continue paying Child Support for my child with a developmental disability?

When my ex pays child support she pays much less than I did. What can I do about this?

Can my wife come after me now for child support arrears even though she didn’t pay hers in the past?

When my wife and I met, she had a child who I later adopted. Now she is leaving me and wants me to pay child support. Is this right?

When can I stop paying child support?

What are divorced parents required to pay for?

I have been caring for my son's best friend, who is 17 years old, since last summer. Can I claim child support from his parents?

Child Custody & Access

Child custody agreements affect not only you and your partner, but also the lives of your children. Ensure everyone’s best interests are looked after by getting the advice of an experienced lawyer.

How can I adopt my partner’s child from a previous relationship?

What to do when faced with tough child access requirements

When your spouse uses the children as messengers

My partner is now critically ill. She has children from a previous relationship, but they have always lived with us. Once she passes on how can I ensure that they continue to live with me?

When we split up, we agreed that the children would live with my spouse. Our oldest child didn't want to see me, and my spouse said give it time. Now the younger ones don't want to come on my access time. What do I do?

Do grandparents have any rights during a custody battle?

Navigating child custody agreements

Schedule kids time with each parent

When can I leave my child alone?

My Wife and I are separated. Her Word is the law in everything – What activities the Kids are in, their doctor, and recently, she won’t let me have the kids on my summer vacation during plant shutdown. I am fed up. What can I do?

Family Law

At Shank Law Office, we understand that any situation involving your family is a sensitive one. Get the advice you need for your family law matters.

I hear that some lawyers offer unbundled services. Do you do that?

I want to name my baby a fun name but my mother says I cannot. Why can’t I name my baby anything I want to? It is my baby.

My wife beats me up when she is angry

I have a family dispute. What are my options?

I make too much to qualify for legal aid, but cannot afford a lawyer

The risks of representing yourself in family court

My adult daughter and her three children moved in, months ago with my husband and I. She sleeps and cries all day, and leaves the children to us. My husband says “It is her or him.” What do I do?

How do I protect myself when hiring a contractor?

I have decided to represent myself in a criminal matter. What does indictable, hybrid and summary mean?

We have a separation agreement which says who has the children for the holidays. My husband just told me that he is travelling to a vacation destination with the children. He is eating into my time with the kids and says that it is OK because it is a booked vacation. I don’t want to disappoint the kids because now I’ll be the bad guy. What can I do?

My employer closed down the local plant and has offered me a transfer to another city. My husband will not let me move with the children, and says that if we go to Court I will lose for sure. Is this true?

My wife and I have a separation agreement which provides that we proportionally share the costs of the children’s outside clothes; I’m OK with this. Recently, my ex told the kids that I am a cheapskate because I insisted that the children’s inside shoes and other clothes that I have paid for, stay. Otherwise they don’t come back. Now the kids are upset with me. Help!

Wills & Estates

Protect the future of your family with the legal services of an experienced wills and estates lawyer. Our advice will help ensure your final wishes are followed.

I know about the Canada Pension Plan, but what else is out there?

What happens if I become mentally incapable before I have completed power of attorney documents?

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to updating your will

What happens to your will once you marry?

What happens to your will when you divorce?

Essential information for the loved ones of the deceased

Grandparents’ Rights
Learn more about your rights as a grandparent when it comes to seeing and taking care of your grandchildren.

My neighbour says grandparents have rights – what can I do? 

Property Equalization
The following articles help you make sure that property is divided equally in a dispute.

Why does he have to do that, and how can I avoid that happening to my children if their marriages break up? 

Bonus Articles
The following articles give advice on a variety of topics.

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