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Grandparent’s Rights
Looking to protect the long-term, close relationship you had with your grand child? Under Bill 34 amending the Children’s Law Reform Amendment Act, you have the right to submit a Court Application for custody or access to your grandchild.

If you feel you have an important role in your grandchild’s life, and it would be in their best interests to continue to have you in their lives, contact us and book an appointment to talk about your options.

Government Services
For seniors, government services can often be complicated and hard to navigate. Searching through government websites and pamphlets to get the right information on services such as Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplements, and Allowance Benefits can be daunting. Book an appointment, and our lawyers can help you find proper assistance, complete and submit applications, and communicate with government agencies on your behalf.

Elder Abuse
If you know someone who you believe is a victim of elder abuse, we can help. Elder abuse can be physical, verbal, emotional, or financial, or any combination of the above.

We can refer you to the appropriate agencies, and draft a Court Protection Application for Trusteeship, and/ or Powers of Attorney.

“Grey” Marriage
When two seniors marry, they often have significant assets and two sets of adult children who are suspicious that the new partner will interfere with “their” inheritance. We can help you navigate these waters to a safe shore, through a “Pre-Nup” agreement.

“Grey Divorce”
“Boomer” divorce is the fastest growing divorce segment in Canada today. Having stayed together for the children, some empty nesters can find that they no longer have anything in common. Some others can find that the daily post-retirement togetherness is not working for them. Grey Divorce is different. Issues such as pensions, life insurance, and travel miles play a key role, along with spousal support and property equalization.

We can assist you with negotiating a fair Separation Agreement covering all of these issues.
Grey Divorce – the rise of seniors splitting.


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