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Child Support Advice in New Tecumseth


If your children are living with you full time, or most of the time, you may be entitled to receive child support.
If you have a child support agreement already in place, but it is not being followed, book an appointment today to talk to our lawyers about what you can do if your ex is not following a Court Order or signed Agreement. Find out what you are entitled to.


Child support can vary if your financial situation changes, if the residency of the children changes, or for other reasons. Our lawyers can assist you with court proceedings to change or terminate child support based on your individual circumstances.


Children’s special expenses such as tuition, books and school supplies, hockey, soccer, baseball, winter boots and jackets, tutoring, counselling, braces and glasses – can your child support cover all of this?


Did you know that you can negotiate a sharing of your children’s special expenses? For instance you and your ex each contribute 50%, or a proportionate share based on your relative incomes, or a monthly or yearly fixed amount, to these costs. Our lawyers can assist you in obtaining a Separation Agreement or Court Order which details the sharing of your child’s special expenses.


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Information you need to know:

What are divorced parents required to pay for?

I had a child on a one night stand and the mother and I orally agreed that there would be no child support paid, as long as I didn’t see the child. Now years later, I have been served Court documents demanding I pay
child support back to the date of birth. Can she do that?

My wife wants money for back to school supplies and clothes. She says I have to pay because they are extraordinary expenses. I already pay child support! Do I have to pay this too?

My ex stopped paying child support when our daughter turned 18. She has a developmental disability and lives with me. He said he doesn’t have to pay any more because we were never married. What does that have to do with child support?

I make much less than I made last year, but my ex keeps insisting that I have to continue to pay child and spousal support at my last year‘s income. And another thing: she expects me to pay most of the daycare and the benefits deductible, when I suspect we are earning the same money now. What can I do?

Our oldest is in University and my ex wants me to pay the full amount of child support plus half of her expenses. My friend says that’s not how it works, which way is right? I am still paying table child support and our daughter started University last September.

I and my ex-wife are divorced. Our 22-year-old completed his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and wants to obtain his Master’s degree. My ex-wife demands that I support him through his Master’s degree, both child support and tuition. Do I have to?




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