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The end of a long relationship is particularly hard to recover from, because it represents loss on so many levels. No one wants to go through a divorce. We understand your need to move on, but rushing into a Divorce without properly considering and settling all issues can lead to ongoing disagreements without resolution.


Much of Canadian family law is based on statutes. That can be confusing if you are trying to determine child support, spousal support, or any other of a number of family issues. Remember, your claim to any net family property division expires 6 years after your date of separation, or 2 years after your divorce.


Having a family lawyer to guide you through your rights and obligations allows you to cover all your bases, protect your interests, and avoid disputes down the road.


Our lawyers have the experience to guide you through the legal process, and the compassion to support your best interests. Together, they bring over 25 years’ experience in family law to your family law matter.


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Information you need to know:

My wife and I have decided to part ways. She ran up our joint line of credit and is asking for additional money – can she do that?

Help! My wife is divorcing me. Am I going to lose half my stuff?

I pay the bills, but my wife won’t leave the house. What do I do?

My husband has told me that I have to get out of our home

Is it fair for my wife to keep the house and an income property after our split?

I owned our house before my wife and I split up. Now whose house is it?

What are divorced parents required to pay for?

I just found out that my wife is cheating on me. I’m done with the marriage, but what do I do next, the information out there is so confusing!

I finally called quits and in response, my husband posted intimate videos of me on an Internet porn site. What do I do?

My wife and I are separating. We jointly own the matrimonial home and a cottage and I do not want to pay any tax on the eventual sale of the properties. Is this possible?

My wife refuses to give me a divorce. She says we are married for life (and besides, she wants to stay on my benefits.)  What can I do? Enough already!

My ex and I entered into a separation agreement 6 month ago in which he was to pay child support. The separation agreement included a dispute resolution clause providing that if we are unable to resolve a dispute, we would resort to mediation/arbitration [med/arb]. For the last 3 months he has not paid me child support. Can I proceed to Court directly or do I have to participate in med/arb first?




before your ex does

The sooner you can resolve your family issues, the sooner you can move on with your life. We can help you.