Spousal Support

Advice on Spousal Support in New Tecumseh


Spousal support is primarily based on relative incomes of the parties, and the duration of the relationship. Other factors at play include: whether child support is being paid and how much, the ages of the parties, the existing and potential earning power of the parties, any limiting factors such as care of a disabled child, disability, education and language barriers.


As an example, if you were married or in a common-law relationship for several years, and your ex makes significantly more than you, you are entitled to spousal support. Book an appointment with one of our lawyers to help you determine how much that may be, and for how long.


If your ex remarries, or begins a common-law relationship, or you retire, our lawyers can guide you through the legal process of reducing or terminating spousal support.


Have your financial circumstances changed? Speak to one of our lawyers about potentially varying the spousal support you are paying.


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