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Get a Separation Agreement in New Tecumseth

For people seeking a less confrontational and less expensive alternative to court, the best option to settle all issues, on consent including child support and spousal support, access, and property division, is to draft a separation agreement. Both parties complete financial statements, and their lawyers assist them in creating scenarios that divide jointly owned property to create “win-win” custody and access agreements. A good separation agreement looks ahead to when the children are independent, to retirement, and sets out procedures for dealing with these and other future changes in circumstances.

If “good fences make good neighbours”, then good separation agreements enable people to successfully manage their separation and co-parenting.

Information you need to know:

Is it a bad idea to do our own separation agreement to save money?
How do I handle holidays after a separation?
It is the holidays and I feel that my relationship is over. Can anyone help me?
I am going through a separation. What is the best way to settle this?
My husband is leaving and I am a stay-at home-mom. What do I do?
My husband and I completed our separation agreement. How do we get a divorce?
We have a separation agreement which says who has the children for the holidays. My husband just told me that he is travelling to a vacation destination with the children. He is eating into my time with the kids and says that it is OK because it is a booked vacation. I don’t want to disappoint the kids because now I’ll be the bad guy. What can I do?
My wife and I have a separation agreement which provides that we proportionately share the costs of the children’s outside clothes; I’m OK with this. Recently my ex told the kids that I am a cheapskate because I insisted that the children’s inside shoes and other clothes that I have paid for stay. Otherwise they don’t come back. Now the kids are upset with me. Help!
My husband and I are separated, and now we cannot agree where the children are going to school.

My wife wants to do our own separation agreement and save money. My cousin says this is a really bad idea. How can it be bad to save money?

My partner and I have tried to make our relationship work, but it is the end of the year and I realize that it is over. I feel so guilty, and don’t know what to do next. Can we separate financially and be OK?


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