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Child Custody and Access Advice in New Tecumseh

Sole custody or joint custody? Who has primary residency, and who has final decision-making authority? Is your access time 2 hours a week at a supervised access centre, or overnights in your home? What about holidays? Summer vacation, and out of country travel? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

Negotiating terms of custody and access can be a lengthy and painful task. The children suffer the most when they are in the centre of the conflict. These issues must be set out in a signed Separation Agreement or Court Order to make a separation work for both parents and children.

Information you need to know:

How do I handle holidays after a separation?
What do I do when I am afraid to leave because of the children?
What to do when faced with tough child access requirements.
When your spouse uses the children as messengers.
When we split up, we agreed that the children would live with my spouse. Our oldest child didn’t want to see me, and my spouse said give it time. Now the younger ones don’t want to come on my access time. What do I do?
Do grandparents have any rights during a custody battle?
Navigating child custody agreements.
Schedule kids time with each parent.
My wife and I are separated. Her word is the law in everything – what activities the kids are in, their doctor, and recently, she won’t let me have the kids on my summer vacation during plant shutdown. I am fed up. What can I do?
We have a separation agreement which says who has the children for the holidays. My husband just told me that he is travelling to a vacation destination with the children. He is eating into my time with the kids and says that it is OK because it is a booked vacation. I don’t want to disappoint the kids because now I’ll be the bad guy. What can I do?
My employer closed down the local plant and has offered me a transfer to another city. My husband will not let me move with the children, and says that if we go to court, I will lose for sure. Is this true?
My husband and I are separated, and now we cannot agree where the children are going to school.
I have custody of our daughter who received an inheritance. Now my wife says I can’t keep the money, my wife says she gets the money.

My wife and I are separating, and we don’t want to put our kids through the stress we saw with my brother. What can we do to lessen the effects of the divorce?

My wife and I separated this year, and now my wife says she’s taking the kids away for Christmas and I can’t see them. What can I do?


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